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Ativan belongs to the group of benzodiazepines. At the medical level, it is intended for the treatment of anxiety. In addition, it can treat insomnia, sickness, nervous tension and seizures, as well as relax the muscles.

Experts recommend using it for no more than a month, and the treatment must be conducted under the medical surveillance. As this drug causes addiction, you can take it only for a short term.

Lorazepam, the development of addiction

Usually, drug addiction is caused by the breach of therapeutic treatment. It is not only about increasing the dosage, but also the duration of treatment. Maximum drug dosage must not exceed:

— pills: 0.5 – 2.5 mg, intermediate- 1.2 mg;

— ampules: 4 - 6 ml.

Recommended frequency of use is up to 4 times a day.

If the person constantly breaks the dosage regimen, he/she can become addicted. In case of abuse, the peak effect comes ten minutes after the intravenous introduction, and one hour after the intramuscular injection. If you take the drug orally, the active substance starts acting within 90 - 120 minutes.

Effect on the body

The substance reviewed relieves the neurotic state, caused by stress, and eliminates the possibility of panic attack. Here are the main benefits of this drug:

Prescribed and recommended by the doctor, it is used for the treatment of epileptic seizures.

It is relevant for seizures and has soporific and sedative effect.

Ativan prevents vomiting.

This drug helps for excessive muscle tension, quickly relieves muscle cramps of any origin (physical efforts or psychological problems).

You should know that if you often take the drug and increase the therapeutic dose, it may cause addiction.

Ativan, signs of use

It is very easy to define the person taking this drug in great quantity, as it affects mental and physical condition:

The person regularly freezes up.

His/her walk becomes uncertain. The person staggers when standing still.

The degree of his/her organization significantly reduces. His/her skin is covered by notable defects.

The patient experiences mood swings and bursts of anger in a short period of time.

He/she feels sleepy, apathetic, and often euphoric.

Lorazepam-dependent people often speak unclear. Their speech is blurred, and their thoughts are so confused that it’s impossible to hold a dialog.

Consequences of treatment

The regular use of such drug in high doses can cause negative consequences. If the treatment course is conducted without major disruption, the active substance will be well-tolerated. The drug abuse can cause complications considering different systems and organs:

The blood vessels can have atypical reaction to the intravenous introduction, which can cause thrombosis and phlebitis.

It can cause kidney and liver dysfunction, muscle weakness, fatigue, ataxia, amnesia attacks and vertigo, dry mouth, bowel disorder, loss of appetite and sickness. These pathologies can be manifested with varying intensity, which depends on the features of one or another body.

Ativan, origin and history of creation

Doctors prescribe this indispensable drug to the patients to prevent the rapid development of anxiety attacks. Lorazepam can be used before the visit to the dentist, surgery and in any situations that can create and develop the feeling of fear and anxiety.

It is usually used ten minutes before the procedure or important negotiations to relieve the tension while waiting for the troubles or physical pain.


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