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Those individuals who go through a critical insufficiency of hormone release may apply corticosteroids to manage inflammatory processes and suppress the immune system to cure certain autoimmune disorders. One of most efficacious corticosteroids is Prednisone offered practically in every pharmacy.

Purposes of applying Prednisone

Prednisone is frequently titled as the “miraculous” medical preparation since it's able to cope with numerous kinds of diagnosis from a seasonal allergy to harsh asthma attacks & certain types of cancer.

There're still rumors about the efficacy & health risk of medical preparations like Prednisone but many professional pharmacists consider such drug benefits outweighing their not numerous side consequences mostly triggered by the long-term abuse.

The main advantage of all corticosteroids featuring Prednisone pills is their work as natural substances of a human body which are produced by the adrenal glands located near the kidneys.

You must use Prednisone due to many reasons, and one of them is the fact that the drug provides effectual anti-inflammatory effects.

That’s why due to such efficacious properties this drug is frequently assigned for curing such conditions connected to inflammatory processes as:

  • Crohn's disorder;
  • Rheumatic arthritis;
  • Moderate-to-harsh bronchial asthma;
  • Colitis;
  • Psoriatic arthritis;
  • Few skin rashes & dermatological disorders;
  • Allergic reactions;
  • Bronchitis.

Prednisone may be also used by those who seek for replacement off-label medications for treating such cancer types as blood cell cancers (for instance leukemia) or lymphomas. The off-label Prednisone uses additionally include sarcoidosis and thyroiditis.

How to use Prednisone safely?

Prednisone is available in capsules, inhalers (for asthmatics), injectable/intravenous solutions, eye drops (Prednisone acetate for treating seasonal allergy), creams & gels.

Prednisone dosing depends on many factors featuring the individual’s tolerance to the drug and the severity of cured disorder.

The single daily based intake may vary from one 5mg pill to 60mg applied via injections. Intakes get to be adjusted in compliance with the individual’s response to Prednisone therapy.

Prednisone like all corticosteroids has to be applied just with food for a quicker & safer absorption.

Precautions and side consequences of Prednisone

Prednisone’s dosing may require an adjustment if you go through such medical conditions as: fever, contagious disorder, any fungal infection, a kidney/liver/thyroid disorder, diabetes, malaria, tuberculosis, osteoporosis, any harsh muscle disorder, glaucoma, eye herpes, stomach ulcers, mental illness, high blood pressure, in a case you're going to get a surgery or are in the middle of after-surgery recovery.

When expecting a baby or breast-feeding, females must avoid Prednisone pills. The FDA pregnancy gave to Prednisone the C category.

Be careful while applying Prednisone for a long time period because overdosing signs may provoke: easy bruising, skin thinning, increasing of facial hair, acne, menstrual issues in females and inability to get an erection in men, decreasing their sex drive.

Drop applying Prednisone if you've any of its adverse reactions as:

  • Allergic reactions – skin rash, fever, hives, difficulties in breathing;
  • Vision issues;
  • Bloody urine ;
  • Upper stomach pains (pancreatis) ;
  • Weight gain;
  • Low potassium level;
  • High blood pressure degrees;
  • Depressive condition or usual mood changes.

Medical facts about Prednisone

All-famous prednisone – a productive synthetic hormone (a steroid) which is referred to the relatively new medicine family of corticosteroids. Such broad-spectrum medical preparations are capable to cure a row of disorders and diseases.

Prednisone is considered as one of the safest corticosteroids.

There're numerous cases as veterinaries prescribe to use Prednisone for cats and dogs in tiny intakes since 5mg pills are the best choice to control over any inflammatory process of an animal like cats, dogs, ferrets, or horses.

Other health benefits of using Prednisone:

  • Among three FDA-confirmed corticosteroids – Prednisone, Prednisone is considered as the safest one as it treats the enumerated disorders and diseases in individuals who go through a kidney insufficiency;
  • Flexible dosing forms and strengths – Prednisone 5mg pills might be given to children and few pets in decreased intakes for a short-term period and in large intakes (up to 60mg) to adults;
  • As an arthritis therapy Prednisone serves as a risk-free painkiller because it never triggers an addiction like opioids or mild narcotics;
  • One of Prednisone side consequences is enhanced energy relief in lungs that helps the cancer patients or asthmatic individuals to cope with their disorders in a quicker way.



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